Jaxon – before and after Images


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Clare C 2017

Hi Caroline, just want to say a massive thank you for all you help. I came to you regarding my rash. After a chat and some allergy tests you diagnosed I had Candida, too much yeast in my liver. After a diet, on your advice, the yeast slowly came down and my liver recovered. Also […]

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Mike B February 2022

I was diagnosed some 4 years ago from a specialist, to be suffering from Geographic Tongue & Burning mouth syndrome. This severely restricts what you can & can’t eat & drink & becomes extremely painful during times of stress & illness, apparently this is linked to Autoimmune Syndrome. I had previously visited Caroline many years […]

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Adam W April 2022

I started seeing Caroline back in October with severe pains, discomfort and bloating of the stomach and was over weight. I was always miserable, it was having a massive effect on my mental health and playing with my anxiety. Caroline started me off on a very limited strict diet for a couple of weeks and […]

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Jennifer S

Dear Caroline, Before I saw you, I was constantly ill and my attendance at school was awful as I kept being sent home with migraines. I constantly felt tired and I was always congested. It was like I had a constant cold and nothing could help. The doctors just kept giving me lots of antibiotics […]

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Sarah S

Dear Caroline, Having been desperately worried about my 14 year old daughter and seeing the miraculous results, having taken her to see you (testimonial included) I decided it was about time I focused on myself and getting my own problems sorted. I had suffered with IBS for around 10 years. I was very bloated and […]

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Aaron P, February 2018

For many years I suffered with a constant bloated stomach, and fatigue.  I would suffer pain after almost every meal. After being passed around different doctors without success, it was recommended to me I should go to see Caroline at Bromsgrove Allergy & Nutrition. Since starting the sessions 6 months ago, I am now much […]

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M Gavin, April 2021

Good morning Caroline, I thought I would write a few lines to say how thankful I am for all the help you have given me over the past few weeks. I have come from someone who was living on soups and tea to now eating three lovely meals each day. Now that was something I […]

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Barbara P, September 2021

Since initially been diagnosed with Ulcerated Colitis and put onto medication I had about 2 or 3 years of good health. Then I experienced repeated flare ups of Colitis for about 2 years, they would come and go until January 2021 when they seemed to escalate. I tried various food combinations and restrictions of certain […]

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Nick A March 2020

I wanted to say a huge thank you, which I’m not sure that I ever got around to saying properly. I’m not sure of the dates now but I came to see you a couple of years ago with a build up of phlegm in my throat. Your advice and consultation have proved to be […]

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