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tiger taming

Anxiety and Panic Attack Workshop

Taming The Tiger Inside We are pleased to announce the return of our Stress and Anxiety workshops ‘ Taming The Tiger Within’ starting in January . The course starts on Monday January 7th 2019 and will run for  4 weeks. This evening workshop will help you to understand and cope with the symptoms of stress or panic that […]

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Is Stress affecting your Hormones?

Most women with hormonal imbalance have no idea that many of their symptoms are linked directly to their hormones — even when they have symptoms like these: • Irregular or absent periods: Increasing irregularities in your period signal a disruption in the hormonal activity that controls menstruation. Often, the cause is an imbalance between estrogen […]

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Hay Fever Season

With hay fever season in full blossom, many of you suffering with itchy eyes, running nose, itchy throat and ears will be looking for some answers to relieve your symptoms. Hay fever affects people in different ways and at different times of the year, and the causes are often difficult to pinpoint. However, there are […]

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Claire C

Hi Caroline, just want to say a massive thank you for all you help. I came to you regarding my rash. After a chat and some allergy tests you diagnosed I had Candida, too much yeast in my liver. After a diet, on your advice, the yeast slowly came down and my liver recovered. Also […]

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Next month Is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know that many illnesses start in the bowels and  the health of your bowels depends on how much friendly bacteria is held in your bowel . A healthy bowel should have 2-3 pounds worth of friendly gut flora or probiotics. However, with our sugary, high fat […]

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