Menopause Programme

The greatest wealth is Health.

Caroline Sproule

Are you suffering with menopause symptoms?

These can include:

  • feeling fuzzy headed and forgetful
  • overheating , especially at night
  • loss of libido
  • feeling achey
  • dry skin
  • vaginal dryness
  • low moods
  • sleeping problems
  • tiredness

We have 22 years experience helping ladies with some or all of these symptoms. Many women visit their doctor with some of these problems and are told its your hormones and basically theres nothing that can be done. As a result, many women are left suffering these often quite debilitating symptoms with no hope of improving and theri whole quality of life and relationships can suffer  because of it.

I have found that in many cases there are dietary solutions that can improve , if not eradicate most of the symptoms of menopause. Our diet is responsible for keeping our hormones in balance , as well as our lifestyle and habits. Often, I have found a deficiency or excess of certain foods or vitamins and minerals is the underlying cause.

Full Menopause Programme

  • An Initial 60 minute consultation.
  • Supplement plan ( supplements not included)
  • An individual health report
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency check
  • Dietary plan with advice
  • Four further review sessions with further testing and diet review every 3 weeks
  • Email support during the programme
  • Cost of the Full Programme is  £325.00 (can be paid in full or in  two instalments)

Mini Menopause Programme

  •  Initial 45 minute phone consultation
  • An individual health report
  • Supplement plan ( supplements not included)
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency check
  • Dietary plan with advice
  • Food intolerance testing at second session.
  • One review sessions to review symptoms and adjust your diet at 3 week intervals(includes food intolerance testing )
  • Email support during the programme

Cost of the Mini Programme is £165.00

“I went to see Caroline at the start of this year after a long spell of tiredness, poor memory and skin breakouts. I’d become so used to these symptoms that I put them down to age, overwork and possibly the menopause as I had a good diet, exercised regularly and had no weight issues

Caroline quickly identified a gluten intolerance, sluggish liver and adrenal fatigue. I followed the recommended food exclusions and took the recommended supplements and within days some of my symptoms improved, then within a couple of weeks my energy levels began to improve. I stuck to the exclusions throughout the time I saw Caroline, gradually re-introducing some items as my body recovered and until we found those items that were the root cause of my problems. I have made permanent changes to my diet and have felt much better than I have done in years, and I certainly don’t feel old anymore!

I really wished I’d seen Caroline years ago and have recommended her to friends who have been equally as pleased with the advice she has given them.

Nov 2019