Sugar Detox Talk

The best doctor gives the least medicine.

Caroline Sproule

Transform your life with our SUGAR DETOX Workshops.

Do YOU …

constantly feel sluggish and tired?

wish your memory, concentration and focus was better?

find you rely on sugary foods and drinks to help you through the day?

Chances are you’re stuck in a sugar rut !

However, its that rut that’s possible to get out of, with the right advice, that is.

Join us at our regular two-hour workshops where we ‘ll teach you how to get more energy and take control of your sugar addiction. Our information-packed workshops cover a whole host of areas, including:

  • How to get on top of your cravings
  • The impact of sugar on our physical and mental health
  • Tips and diet advice to help balance blood sugar levels and curb sugar cravings
  • Supplements to help blood sugar imbalances and moods
  • Looking at some sugar substitutes
  • Foods that can help battle the cravings
  • Hypnotherapy exercise to help boost willpower

To find out more about our popular sugar detox workshops, which cost just £ 29.00 per person, email us at or complete our contact form.