Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy Workshops

Our FOOD should be our MEDICINE and our MEDICINE our FOOD.

Caroline Sproule

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Workshop

Lose weight easily and permanently with our new intense nutrition and hypnotherapy workshop.

Who Is This Workshop for?

Anyone who  ..

is tired of counting calories, attending weekly slimming clubs and spending money on gym membership and not going

finds that they have a weak willpower and want a quick easy way to lose those extra pounds

has tried lots of different methods and struggled to lose weight

What does the  Workshop involve?

Training on why we overeat, including food addictions, emotional eating , food allergies

Tips and tricks to help you combat cravings and reducate your brain.

Learning about  the subconscious mind which is responsible for you overeating.

Three group hypnotherapy sessions of 20 minutes  after each 20 minute education session.

Three taped audios of the meditations used during the session to take home.

Full email support during the month following the  workshop.

One hour follow up session 4 weeks later.

Mini exercise session in the middle of the workshop by a qualified personal trainer.

About The  Trainers

Caroline Sproule

Caroline is a qualified Allergy and Nutrition Practitioner and has spent 18 years helping men and women lose weight naturally through her food intolerance programmes. She is an expert at identifying the causes of sluggish metabolisms with her clients. Many of her clients have shed 3 to 6 stones during her 5 month programmes. She has also previously written many articles for  magazines sharing her expertise  on health topics including weight loss.

Her success at achieving good results with clients is helped by her knowledge of the causes of ill health and how food allergies can affect some people and also prevent them from losing weight.

Caroline runs regular heath workshops including a Sugar Detox Workshop.She also has a keen interest in food addictions and how emotional eating can cause overeating.

About Jacquie 

Jacquie Eaton is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and  studied hypnotherapy with the South West School of Hypnotherapy which is an accredited training school for The Hypnotherapy Association and Validated by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

She is also a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and is am bound by their strict Code of Ethics & Practice which can be found on their website. She has professional Indemnity Insurance. The General Hypnotherapy Register is one of the largest and highly respected organisations for independent Hypnotherapy Practitioners.

Jacquie has been a therapist since 2004 and over this time she has realised how our emotions can affect our everyday life both psychologically and physically. Deep seated emotions can manifest as physical symptoms, phobias, insomnia, changes in behaviour and many more, everybody is different and no hypnotherapy session is ever the same.

Jacquie has been using hypnotherapy for a few years now to help clients with weight loss. She does this using hypnotherapy to help retrain the subconscious mind, which helps to strengthen willpower and make permanent changes.

Jacquie has trained in all aspects of hypnotherapy for adults and children, I have also qualified as a Certified Hypnotic Fertility Practitioner, Easibirthing Practitioner, Virtual Gastric band Practitioner and Education Performance Practitioner.

Please wear lose comfortable clothing for the workshop.