Hay Fever Season

In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Caroline Sproule

With hay fever season in full blossom, many of you suffering with itchy eyes, running nose, itchy throat and ears will be looking for some answers to relieve your symptoms. Hay fever affects people in different ways and at different times of the year, and the causes are often difficult to pinpoint.
However, there are ways to help reduce your suffering and improve your immunity, as hay fever in some cases is linked to a low immune system. Some people who have used antibiotics excessively, for example, maybe more prone to hay fever.
Here are some proven tips which can help you gain control:
1. Drink more filtered water (tap water can make matters worse due to high levels of chlorine)
2. Following a gluten or wheat free diet during the season can help
3. Cutting down on dairy products especially cows cheese and milk will make a difference
4. Reduce coffee and replace with anti-inflammatory green tea instead. It is much more refreshing!
5. Eating more fruits with vitamin C will boost the immune system
6. Cutting down on sugary teats is a good idea as sugar depletes the body of vitamin C and other vital nutrients
7. Find out if you have a hidden food intolerance which may be undermining your immune system.

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