Good NUTRITION will prevent 95% of all disease.

Caroline Sproule

Next month Is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

Did you know that many illnesses start in the bowels and  the health of your bowels depends on how much friendly bacteria is held in your bowel . A healthy bowel should have 2-3 pounds worth of friendly gut flora or probiotics. However, with our sugary, high fat and processed diet these days along with more stress and pressure, most people have half of that amount.

Signs your friendly bacteria is depleted include looser stools, more wind or constipation alternating with loose stools. In worse cases you may experience bleeding from the bowels when you go to the toilet.

Protect your bowels from inflammatory  conditions like IBS , Crohns disease and Colitis by taking   probiotics on a regular basis.Always buy a good quality one as some may have lactose in them and can make matters worse I like to use organic ones from Natures Sunshine ( Now Lily and Loaf!) for my clients

Then you need to increase vegetables to help them multiply. However, be careful as vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and peppers are not recommended if you have unsettled bowels.

Nutrition for Bowel Problems


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