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Caroline Sproule
Baby eczema
Siena age 1 after the skin programme

Baby Skin ProblemsDoes your baby or toddler  suffer with skin problems? 

Many babies can suffer eczema from birth or from a few weeks or months old. Having a baby with eczema is not only very distressing for the child but also can be very upsetting for parents of a new baby ,who want to enjoy the  early months of their child’s life. Many parents seek help from their GP and visit dermatologists only to be offered a temporary solution often in the form of steroid creams and ointments. Some of these creams can contain harmful chemicals which can worsen your baby’s eczema and because they are too harsh for a baby’s delicate skin.

Also, overuse of steroid creams can be harmful and cause quite a lot of side effects if used over a long period of time.

How we can Help

We have found that baby eczema has an underlying cause rooted in diet such as  food allergies and intolerances, vitamin deficiencies causing a build up of toxins in the body.

At Bromsgrove Allergy Centre we specialise in treating baby eczema by looking at a babys diet or a Mother’s diet if she is breastfeeding.

Treatment length will vary depending on the severity and duration of symptoms, but improvement usually occurs after the initial withdrawal/detox period, which can  last from one week to two weeks, but in some cases, can be several months.

Our 16 week Baby Skin Programme includes the following:

  • Initial consultation  (60 minutes)
  • Identifying possible food allergies or intolerances
  • Looking at possible vitamin and mineral deficiency
  • List of foods to avoid and to eat
  • Meal ideas
  • Advice on substitute meals and snacks
  • Recommended vitamin programme ( one supplements included)
  • Four review sessions (every three weeks)
  • Full email support throughout the programme
  • Natural skin cream included

Cost of Full programme =£ 295.00

What our clients say..

Siena’s Story

Caroline, not sure where to begin to say thank you. You’ve done so much to help me when no one else wanted to with my IBS…then Siena came along- after what felt like endless months of battling with my GP and Health Visitor about Siena’s constipation, which was so severe she screamed when she went to the toilet, and her severe eczema, again, I turned to you for help.

 I was at my wit’s end and tearing my hair out hoping somebody would listen and you did. You helped Siena’s  constipation and after a long battle with milks we sorted out her eczema. We are so very grateful for your time and compassion to help us and we are so glad we sorted her body out.  A lot of time and patience but it was worth it!

Baby Eczema

Sienna before treatment