Look after your digestion and your body will look after itself

Caroline Sproule

shutterstock_439142563Are you and your partner struggling to concieve naturally?

Have you tried IVF without any success?

There are many different reasons why fertility fails in the beginning. Couples are waiting longer these days to start a family. There is more exposure to toxins in our food, radiation from technology ie computers/phones and stress levels are at their highest with modern lifestyle.

There is  an abundance of food in the 21st century, but nourishment  or proper vitamin packed foods is at an all time low.

How can we help you?

We have 16 years experience helping couples to boost their fertility chances. We do this through diet and supplements and looking at hidden food allergies and/ or intolerances..

This lead to the  design our 16 week Natural Fertility Programme. This programme is specifically aimed at achieving optimum fertility chances with a tailor made Optimum Nutrition Plan.

The Programme Includes:

  • FREE half hour assessment session to discuss your personal situation and tell you about what we can do to help
  • An initial 60 minute consultation
  • Dietary advice and personal diet plan that avoids ‘trigger’ foods
  • A recommended supplement plan (includes  supplements)
  • An individual health report
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency checks
  • Food intolerance testing
  • 2 week meal plans
  • Five one hour follow up sessions of one hour duration to monitor and review progress and adjust your diet every 3 weeks (includes allergy testing)

The cost of the programme is £499.00 per person or £450 each if you would both like to follow the programme. (It can be paid in two instalments)

  • A £45.00 deposit is required to book the programme and will be deducted from the total at the first appointment.

For more information about the 16 week Natural Fertility Programme and to read client testimonials please visit our Fertility website:

What our clients say..

Words cannot express how grateful we are for all of your help and advice over the last few months in relation to our health, diet and general well-being. 

As you know IVF did not work for us but now we have conceived naturally and are expecting a baby boy in March. We both just wanted to say thank you so much and share this wonderful news with you as miracles really do happen!”

Tina D

After being diagnosed  six years ago with poly cystic ovaries , I felt that there was no help out there for me and my condition. The doctors were unable to offer me any help other than going on the pill. I knew this would only hide the symptoms not cure them. I lived with the symptoms for 5 years thinking this was just what I have to put up with now. The extra weight gain, excess hair, mood swings and lack of confidence. I felt drained every day. Then the most important question …. Children. Could I have children? Would I have to go through IVF ?After many tears I had come to accept that for me having children would be difficult if not impossible. I had started saving for IVF. 18 months of trying and going down the route of fertility tests with the doctors . I knew my body had to be in great shape for IVFI. This is when I contacted Caroline. After a consultation I thought about it a lot. I knew I had to do it for the IVF. I then started the fertility programme. Never once thinking I would fall pregnant. It was purely health reasons to prepare for IVF. Six weeks into the programme I fell pregnant. However I didn’t realize for a few months. Being used to missed periods I couldn’t bare to take a test for it to say negative. So I left it for three cycles. This was the longest time I had gone without a period. So my partner persuaded me to take the test. Sure it would say negative I took the test. To my suprise it was positive…… 6 months later I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Amira!           Amy B

For more information on the 16 week Natural Fertility Programme and to read more Success Stories please visit our Fertility site