Look after your digestion and your body will look after itself

Caroline Sproule

I went to see Caroline at the start of this year after a long spell of tiredness, poor memory and skin breakouts. I’d become so used to these symptoms that I put them down to age, overwork and possibly the menopause as I had a good diet, exercised regularly and had no weight issues

Caroline quickly identified a gluten intolerance, sluggish liver and adrenal fatigue. I followed the recommended food exclusions and took the recommended supplements and within days some of my symptoms improved, then within a couple of weeks my energy levels began to improve. I stuck to the exclusions throughout the time I saw Caroline, gradually re-introducing some items as my body recovered and until we found those items that were the root cause of my problems. I have made permanent changes to my diet and have felt much better than I have done in years, and I certainly don’t feel old anymore!

I really wished I’d seen Caroline years ago and have recommended her to friends who have been equally as pleased with the advice she has given them.

Helen H ,Nov 2019

Helen H

Before I saw you, I was constantly ill and my attendance at school was awful as I kept being sent home with migraines. I constantly felt tired and I was always congested. It was like I had a constant cold and nothing could help. The doctors just kept giving me lots of antibiotics but they didn’t do anything. I felt really frustrated and helpless as I was constantly ill and couldn’t work out why

However, when we came to see you, I was amazed it was all down to my diet. So I immediately started my new recommended diet and began taking supplements. On the first week, you told me what I could have and it was very limited; I could only eat fish and certain vegetables which was extremely difficult. But gradually, I was allowed to eat more of a variety of foods and now I can eat most things, but I still have to avoid dairy.

Now, all of my symptoms have vanished and I feel like a different person. I am energised, my attendance has improved dramatically, I have not had a single migraine and I am no longer continuously congested. Therefore, I would like to thank you very much for all of your help and advice.

Jennifer S

Jennifer S

From the moment I met Caroline I knew she would change my life. Her knowledge, care, sympathy, encouragement and support have been second to none. When I first went to Caroline I was very stressed and couldn’t cope with my symptoms any longer. I was constantly being fobbed off by GPs and I was frustrated and deflated. I was constantly battling bloating, IBS symptoms, exhaustion, weight issues, which were affecting me in all aspects of my life. Added to my problems were the diagnosis of an under active thyroid which left me completely lost. I first saw Caroline in February 2018 and I can safely say I am a different person in September to the person I was in February. Caroline immediately told me I had Candida overgrowth of around 25? And that I needed to trust her and do exactly what she instructed. She told me that I most likely had a dairy and gluten allergy, with cheese being a particular love of mine I was pretty devastated! The journey I have been on in improving my symptoms was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but needless to say, I saw pretty much instant results. I followed Caroline’s advice and avoided eating what seemed like all foods, took numerous supplements, completely cut gluten and dairy out of my diet and changed the way I ate, which in turn has changed the way I live. I have now reintroduced a lot of the foods I wasn’t able to handle to start with and I am no longer constantly worried about where the next toilet is, or if I could leave the house on time, and if I did, where could I stop if needed? Caroline has educated me in learning about what my body likes and doesn’t like and I am much more informed when making choices with my eating. The support Caroline has given me, in my opinion was completely priceless as it’s given me a normal life back. I can’t thank her enough and couldn’t recommend her highly enough to anyone needing help.

Georgina B 2018.

Georgina B, September 2018

I went to see Caroline in December 2017, who was recommended by a work colleague. At the time I was suffering with severe IBS. I felt very lethargic all the time and was in constant discomfort with bloating, constipation and stomach pains. All these symptoms were making me feel very low and depressed. I had been to see the doctors on many occasions but to no avail. After my first consultation with Caroline, she found lots of problems with my diet. Caroline then performed a kinesiology test to see which foods I was intolerant to. To my surprise, there were lots of foods to which I was intolerant to that I was eating on a daily basis. Caroline organised a diet plan for me and after following my new diet plan strictly, I can honestly say that my life has changed. I feel amazing with more energy. I’m now having regular bowel movements. My skin and hair have benefitted from my new diet and overall, generally, feel more positive. I’d like to thank Caroline for all her patience and time. Claire R April 2018
Claire R

Richard – 50 year old roofer My problems started around 18 months ago. I was out fishing when I had an insect bit that was quite nasty. I went to the doctors because after that bite, I felt really tired and my muscles ached. The doctor sent me for blood tests. They came back negative. My doctors said just take some vitamins. As time went by I got gradually worse until I was exhausted. After a couple of months, I went back to my doctor and he sent me for more blood tests which again came back negative. A month later I went back again and he finally gave me antibiotics. The antibiotics made me worse. I was tired all the time, my limbs felt like lead and I could not do ordinary day to day things. My life changed when I went to my cousin’s wedding. He looked at me and couldn’t believe how bad I looked. I told him my troubles and he had also had something similar to me. He told me about this amazing lady in Bromsgrove, Caroline Sproule, who had treated him and he said he had never felt better. He told me about what she did and it all sounded very interesting. Caroline checked me over and within an hour she had found out what was making me so ill. I was eating all the wrong foods for me. So I had to completely change my approach to my diet. It was tough to start with, but with Caroline’s help and guidance I am completed sorted now. I am full of energy and my body doesn’t ache. All this is thanks to Caroline who has turned my life around. Richard T May 2018
Richard T

I heard about the Bromsgrove Allergy and Nutrition Centre through word of mouth, and that’s always the good recommendation. I went to Caroline because I had a lot of aches and pains, lethargy and tiredness but my main problem was I could just drop off instantly, anywhere at any time, even halfway through a conversation. This worried me a great deal, it even happened once I was driving.

When I saw Caroline we did several tests and found a lot of food and substances I was intolerant to. So by avoiding these and substituting other food, I feel so much better, my aches and pains have gone, I am certainly less tired and lethargic and my condition of just dropping off to sleep at inconvenient times has gone.  I feel I can drive with more confidence now. I would recommend anyone who is concerned for their wellbeing to visit the Bromsgrove Allergy and Nutrition Centre, after all you have nothing to lose and much to gain.


Brian N

I suffered with intense fatigue and muscle pains, aching and general feelings of not being alert, lack of motivation, etc. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have been diabetic Type One for 15 years.

I started seeing Caroline after initially making an appointment for my mom.  I subsequently made an appointment for myself as being diabetic, I had heard that a gluten intolerance could be a cause of diabetes. However, the issue was not knowing what to eat in its place.  Caroline did say that with my mom’s discovered gluten intolerance, it was a thing that is passed on in families.

Caroline altered my diet and we discovered things that I had been eating that were contributing to my health problems.  After seeing Caroline for 6 months and having a gluten-free diet, I have noticed a difference in my aches and pains, but more importantly I feel more alert and have better motivation than I did before. Interestingly though, I am having to cut back on my insulin as it seems that my body isn’t need the same amount injected as it did before.</em></strong>

Thanks to Caroline, my mom and I are feeling a lot better so I would recommend Caroline to anyone who wants to improve their health and perhaps get over ailments they have had for years !</em>rong>

Gemma D

Gemma D

For some twenty years I have suffered with stomach problems, severe cramps, extremely painful menstruation and chronic fatigue.  I have over the years sought medical advice from my general practitioner who could provide no explanation as to why this was happening and for a long time I just accepted the issues as ‘part of life’.

Approximately 12 months before attending the allergy centre these symptoms were becoming unmanageable and I was mentally and physically exhausted.   I did some research online and came across the allergy centre quite by accident, I was initially recitent but felt a lot of the described symptoms resonated with me.

I was given a complete change of diet, which initially consisted of very basic foods and excluded caffeine, gluten and dairy products.  Within weeks my sleep pattern improved, I no longer felt exhausted during the day and all my stomach problems disappeared virtually overnight.  Over the next few months different foods are then reintroduced and whilst still avoiding gluten and dairy, I can now eat most foods with no issues.

Whilst the method is somewhat unconventional, the results speak for themselves and have been way beyond my expectations,  I have so much more energy, my fatigue and other symptoms are now almost nonexistent. I can now much more easily recognise foods that aren’t appropriate and finally have a better understand as to why I was having the issues previously.

I would strongly recommend this course of treatment, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Rose D  August 2019

Rose D

My sinus had been uncomfortable for quite some time.  I was feeling bloated, run down and generally lethargic even though I had a healthy diet, was not overweight and exercised regularly.   When I saw an article written by Caroline regarding hay fever and allergies, I decided to make an appointment.

Caroline believed it was Candida and an intolerance to certain foods, so she put me on a yeast, sugar and dairy free diet.  Within a month I felt better, had more energy, no bloating and my sinus was no problem whatsoever.  A further two months, I felt even better!  I could breathe clearly, no bloating, no lethargy and skin and hair shiny and looking good.

As the food was reintroduced slowly, I returned to a diet not dissimilar to the one I had before, although I did not crave as much sugar and yeast products.  Caroline explained that I had an intolerance to dairy products so I now avoid milk, yoghurts and cheese although I do have a little butter on my toast.

Caroline is sensitive, caring and knowledgeable who never rushed the appointments and explained everything clearly and concisely.  I cannot recommend her enough.

Val Sibley

Val S

Dear Caroline,

I would like to express my thanks for all you have done for me since my first visit with you in June 2018.

For years I have constantly felt tired, bloated, had very little energy, and would often have palpitations.  Helping to run my own business has been demanding and I found it difficult to concentrate.I constantly felt ill with very little energy and every day was just one long battle to get through.

I started to develop regular chest infections and after hospital investigations I was given strong antibiotics and inhalers.It was following a visit to your clinic with my granddaughter that you suggested I come for a consultation.

Your diagnosis was that I had a dairy/gluten intolerance and adrenal fatigue and to follow a very restrictive diet.  I always thought that I had a good diet of fruit and veg but I realised there was far more to understand.

With your advice and support, I am now starting to feel much better, able to achieve more and focus on what I am doing.  I do not know what state I would be in if I had not met you and cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me and my family.

Anne S   December 2018

Anne S

Caroline was recommended to me by my brother, who Caroline had diagnosed with gluten intolerance.  I was experiencing symptoms of bloating and tiredness and I was diagnosed with a yeast allergy amongst other things such as malabsorption and chronic dehydration.  At first I had to cut out a number of food items and drink water, initially this seemed hard, but the results came quickly and I started to feel better within 2 weeks.

At each session I could eat more and more foods until there were only a few items that just did not suit my body, which is understandable once Caroline explains it to you.

As our lifestyles and living situations change, events can affect our bodies in remarkable ways.  Since my initial visit, I have seen Caroline twice more with new symptoms and concerns and she has set me back on track with my diet, each time leaving me feeling much improved after each session.

Caroline is easy to talk to and extremely supportive.  I cannot thank her enough for how she has helped me over the years.


Leigh  –  August 2019


Caroline has helped me so much since September 2019 with my mental and physical health.  I have never felt so happy and confident within myself and it is all down to her and what she has done to help me. I was lethargic, always bloated, constantly tired and irritable and found it very difficult to concentrate.  I was always told by doctors that it was because of IBS and that it was untreatable. As I got older, the pain got worse in my stomach and I just thought it was normal for me to feel that way. Thanks to Caroline diagnosing me and changing my diet we managed to get rid of all those problems and now I am feeling so much better in myself! Thankyou.  David.    January 2020.
David, Jan 2020
Hi Caroline, just want to say a massive thank you for all you help. I came to you regarding my rash. After a chat and some allergy tests you diagnosed I had Candida, too much yeast in my liver. After a diet, on your advice, the yeast slowly came down and my liver recovered. Also you diagnosed that I had a gluten intolerance, so I stated eating gluten free food. Since all your advice about food that I can and can’t eat I feel so much better. I came to you feeling low, fed up, tired all the time with constant headaches and foggy brain and after our first meeting and starting the diet my foggy brain went. Slowly after my headaches started going which made me feel so much better, less tired and not feeling low. Thank you again. I don’t know what I would have done without all your advice. You have changed my life for the better Kind Regards Claire C. October 2017
Clare C 2017