Skin Programme

In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Caroline Sproule
Do you or someone you know suffer with eczema or skin rashes?
Have you experienced severe itching with no known cause?

Do you or someone you know have acne flare ups?

Skin problems are on the increase with more and more people visiting their GP with eczema, dermatitis or unknown itchy rashes.

This seems to be partly due to the increase of toxins in the food, fast food and preservatives found in them, sugary drinks and alcohol and hidden food allergies.

Clients that come to us with skin problems have often suffered for many years and been prescribed steroid cream or emollients by their doctor.

However, constant use of steroid creams and emollients can often worsen symptoms. The chemicals in creams and emollients can irritate the skin and cause more reddening and heat. Although eczema is a dry condition in some cases less use of creams is recommended and a more natural dietary approach found to be useful, helping the body to clear out toxins from the blood.

How We Can Help

At Bromsgrove Allergy and Nutrition following years of success treating eczema and other skin complaints, we are pleased to offer a full Skin Programme. This is a 16 week Nutrition Plan which aims to help detox the body, identify any food intolerances or allergies and then create a tailor made diet which nourishes and supports the body and the skin.

Most clients that have followed our programme have been pleased to find that their skin problems have reduced drastically and in most cases completely cleared up.

The Complete Beautiful Skin Programme includes :

    • Initial Consultation
    • Personal Health Report with findings
    • Identifying culprit food allergy or intolerances
    • Identifying vitamin and mineral deficiencies
    • Dietary guidelines
    • 4 follow up sessions with retesting (approximately every 3 weeks)
    • Sample set of natural skin care cleanser , toner and moisturiser with bamboo cloth.
    • Advice on skin products / creams
    • Email support throughout
    • Recommended supplement plan
    • 2 week meal plan
        The full cost of the programme is £345.00 ( payable in full or two instalments).We also take a £45.00 deposit upon booking which is fully refundable , unless the appointment is not attended and no prior warning is given by email or phone.

What our Clients Say…

Louise before new diet

” Since I can remember I have always been an eczema sufferer.  Weekly trips to the GP as a child, countless visits to dermatologists and ‘specialists’ as a youth.

Frustration, emotional distress and excruciating pain would be a daily occurrence.   I would be prescribed medications to calm and sooth the irritation which would help for a few weeks or so and then I became so immune to the topical/oral medication (including STEROIDS!) it would no longer work.  It came to a point where my GP had stated “you have been prescribed all of the available medications available”.   I felt he had lost hope and it suddenly became real that I would have this for the rest of my life.

Several months later

Then an idea that I hadn’t even considered was brought to my attention from a colleague.  Nutritional changes would help my condition within.  She had visited Bromsgrove Allergy and Nutrition Centre and recommended it.  I gave it a shot, what did I have to lose.  After Kinesiology testing I was found to hold many intolerance’s of which I had no idea about, ie. dairy, eggs, etc.  After a full detox and following my new strict regime for a few months… WOW, the improvement was drastic.  I cannot express how much my confidence was raised.  I received so many compliments from my improvement.   It has been over 3 years now without a trace of eczema.  I consider myself cured”


Louise Chadwick 2016