Stomach Pack A

Stomach Pack A

A tailored supplement programme that contains the vital organic ingredients that are required to help overcome stomach-related problems.


Do you suffer from excess acid indigestion or heartburn? Perhaps you feel sick if you miss a meal? Or maybe you  constantly feel hungry, but suffer from stomach problems the moment you’ve eaten?

They’re common stomach-related problems that can be managed, with the right approach. That’s why we’ve developed this special stomach supplement pack, which will provide you will everything you need to help settle and re balance your stomach.

Based on 16 years’ experience of helping clients overcome stomach related problems, this pack provides you with everything you need to effectively manage your symptoms:

  •  Pro B 11 – a high strain organic probiotic to help replenish the friendly gut bacteria
  •  Proactazyme – a dairy free plant based food enzyme ( in gelatin capsule) which contains  herbs designed to help aid digestion
  • Omega 3,6,and 9 – essential fats to help ease sluggish bowel
  • Liquid chloropyll – a fresh  peppermint flavoured ‘Green’ drink to add to water to help aid indigestion or heartburn