Migraines- A Life Out of Balance ?

Your body is the biggest investment you will ever make. Don’t abuse it.

Caroline Sproule

Migraine pain is the body’s alarm system going off. A bit like firemen responding to a 999 call. It is serious and your body is trying to tell you something is not right inside. When there is an imbalance in the  body caused by factors such as stress, diet or lifestyle and habits, our body experiences a symptom. Migraines are often the final straw following  long term disharmony.

When I talk to my clients about their symptoms I often say to them that the symptoms are just the body talking. So in the case of migraines the body is not just talking, its screaming at you! So, if you are a migraine sufferer sit back and look at your life and see where you think there may be an imbalance.It may be that your life is ‘All work and no play’! Or that you miss breakfast or lunch every day when you’re busy, or you spend hours every day sitting in front of a computer or on the phone .

Our modern lifestyle for many of us is unhealthy and unnatural for our bodies. As humans we were designed for physical movement and outdoor living. We don’t suit being cooped up in an office with lots of other people with artificial lighting for hours all day. Our body and mind rebels against this.

So, if you are  in a stressful job or work indoors in an  office or factory , try to get outdoors for a short walk at lunchtime or at the weekend or evenings. I have always  made  sure that my family walk on a Sunday for a whole afternoon or often just squeeze in a short half an hour every day as well as walk to work and school.When my girls were school age I deliberately moved near to the school so they could walk. I never told them that’s why we moved house!

Our body and brain also rebels against a fast food, high sugar and high caffeine diet. Migraines were much less common years ago when sugar was less available and people  ate a more natural diet. The increase in migraine sufferers in recent years corresponds directly to the abundance of fast food outlets, fizzy drink consumption and the increase in sales of sugary confectionery which bombards us daily in every garage and supermarket.

I am not saying that you cant have those sugary treats or  the junk food, but try to balance it with healthy options. When my girls have  a pizza I  serve it with a small salad or cucumber sticks. Or if we have bolognese I will spoon some green beans and peas onto their plate too. In fact, its easy to add vegetables to a lot of saucy meals and use less meat . Saves money too!

Phones and androids are another source of stress. The constant bombardment of messages, social media pressure, gossip and emails is enough to drive us crazy.I know it does me. If I don’t answer a text straightaway, one of my daughters sends me ???

So , maybe set yourself some new techno rules. Perhaps, ban phones after a certain time or have a phone free movie night or evening of playing games or pop to a friends. I will often pop unplanned to a friends in the evening for a cuppa or a glass of rose for a quick catch up. It gets me out of the house and always de stresses me. I have been known as well to check into a local hotel on my own, at short notice. when I feel particularly stressed or overwhelmed. Works wonders. I actually manage to read a few pages of a book undisturbed!  The breakfast in the morning is a lovely treat, especially on a school morning!My teenage daughters weren’t overly impressed though .

So , if you feel that your lifestyle or diet is out of balance see where you can balance it  . Think of areas of your life like a see saw and make sure its not too heavy on the one side! I know it will help your migraines.

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