Online Health Report

Good NUTRITION will prevent 95% of all disease.

Caroline Sproule

If you are suffering symptoms that are starting to worry you, you may benefit from our online  Health Report. This online Health Report is available for anyone who wants a quick answer to their current symptoms or who would like to improve their current state of health and wellbeing.

It is ideal for anyone who is unable to attend our  clinic in person due to a busy schedule or distance to travel. it is also perfect for anyone who is housebound or disabled and unable to travel in person to our clinic .

It is also a less expensive way of finding out what is causing your health issues or as a way of just  boosting your energy or concentration.  Caroline uses her wealth of knowledge of health as well as her 22 years experience working with allergies   to be able to see what the problems are , what changes you need to make,  as well as identifying possible food intolerances, digestive dysfunctions and nutrient deficiencies.

Caroline is an expert at  identifying the cause of health problems, such that she is referred to as the ‘Health Detective’. She has helped thousands of adults and children from a wide geographical area  reach optimum health and wellness.

If you would like to take advantage of this unique email consultation and benefit from Caroline’s amazing intuition and knowledge to help you improve your health, or find answers that your Doctor couldn’t give you, please complete the contact form on this page website and request Email Health Report in your message. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cost : £99.00

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