Migraine Testimonials

Your body is the biggest investment you will ever make. Don’t abuse it.

Caroline Sproule


I met Jody in Costa one afternoon. She told me she had been suffering with severe headaches and migraines since her teens. She had one child at that time and was often laid up in a dark room with a blinding migraine, which affected her family life to quite a degree.

Following the testing I found that Jody displayed a number of food intolerances and was quite toxic and dehydrated. Since changing her diet she has only had one headache which went away very quickly, compared to her migraines which used to last up to three days. Here is Jody’s story…

Dearest Caroline.  Just writing to say a very big big thank you !

You have helped get rid of my migraines which I was getting three times a week.  After changing my diet and drinking more water, you have helped me turn me into a differing person.

In seven months I have only had one headache and I really want to thank you so much for this.  It is a great feeling each day that I haven’t got to worry when my next migraine is going to turn up.

You are a lovely person and great at your job.  Thank you so much for all that you have done.

Lots of love

Jody Sprayson  


About 20 years ago, I began having migraines, which over the years, became more and more frequent. Added to this, I began suffering sudden attacks of diarrhoea.  I became weaker and lost confidence to such an extent that just going into town became a major expedition.  Holidays were a nightmare. Some of them, disastrous.  Various tests were carried out, but all proved to be negative.  Three months ago I was in a very low state, suffering two or three migraines a week and having to take medication for the bowel problem every other day.

In desperation, although I have to admit I was somewhat sceptical, I made an appointment to see Caroline at the Bromsgrove Allergy Clinic.  After only a few days, on a specially formulated diet, I noticed an improvement.  The sudden diarrhoea attacks stopped and after one migraine early on, I have had no more at all.  I have more energy.  The aches and pains in my joints have disappeared.  My confidence has returned.  I have my life back again.

Irene  Sims


I went to Caroline at Bromsgrove Allergy Centre three years ago. As someone who had suffered with migraines and migraine type headaches for over 30 years, I was interested how Caroline could help me.

After the testing, I was advised of all the foods which I was to avoid and those that I could have on a moderate basis.….

Over the past three years I have not had one migraine or headache, which has made a tremendous difference to my life. I could not believe that after so many years of experiencing so much discomfort from headaches that it all came down to food intolerances!…

Thank you for all your advice and giving me back a life free from migraines.

Rosemary A