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The greatest wealth is Health.

Caroline Sproule

Baby Siena had suffered severe eczema from 3 months old. Photos below show her at 6 months old and on her first birthday clear of eczema.

Catherine came to us with an angry red eczema rash on her arms and face. She had eczema from a young age.

Images show her skin before and after the Skin Programme.


Laura had severe acne from the age of fifteen. Following her new diet she became acne free within 4 months.


Nathan treatment  suffered very angry acne following years of a poor diet and food allergies. Above shows him before his diet changes and after treatment with diet and supplement programme.


Holly had an unusual red rash around both eyes. After only a week the rash had almost completely gone.


Sylvia had developed  a chronic fungal skin condition following years of antibiotic use for chest infections. Above shows images of her skin condition before she changed her diet and 5 months later.


Louise aged 21 had suffered severe eczema since a baby. She is now eczema free and continues to follow the diet that helped her regain her clear skin.

Louise before new diet

Louise before new diet

Several weeks later

Several months later