Arthritis Testimonials

The best doctor gives the least medicine.

Caroline Sproule


This client, a 34 year old keen runner, came to us with a condition called ‘Reactive Arthritis’. He was prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and strong painkillers to reduce pain and inflammation. However, two years on, he was still struggling with walking and was unable to compete in running competitions as he had done previously.

However, three months later after making changes to his diet and eating foods which suited him, he was able to come off all medications without experiencing as much pain and the inflammation reduced dramatically. He has remained off the medications for three years and in 2010 ran the London Marathon.

Psoriatic Arthritis

Alison was debilitated by a severe case of psoriatic arthritis.  Following a new diet, regime, which included avoiding her particular food intolerances, she recovered her health and was free of the psoriasis and the pain and inflammation of the rheumatoid arthritis.