Anxiety Testimonials

In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Caroline Sproule

I cannot thank you enough for your excellent treatment and advice over the last 3 months.
After years of suffering from a variety of post menopausal health issues including insomnia, unexplained muscle aches, bloating, brain fog and anxiety (all despite following what I thought to be a healthy diet and lifestyle). I am finally beginning to feel well and able to participate in life more fully.
Within two weeks of my first appointment my sleeping had considerably improved, my anxiety had lessened as had the majority of my chronic muscle pain.
Three months on my stomach feels comfortable for the first time in years, I have more energy and improved concentration levels.
Understanding that certain foods were adversely affecting my health and learning to change my diet accordingly has had a massive impact on my well-being, and I would not hesitate in recommending you to others in my position.
With kind regards and sincere thanks. Kate H October 2017

Kate H

I visited Bromsgrove Allergy and Nutrition Centre after a friend highly recommended it to me. I had suffered with IBS for nearly 20 years and had tried various medication from the doctor with very limited success. For me, IBS gave me unpredictable and urgent bowel movements. Over the years, my anxiety levels had increased as I worried about having a flare up at an inconvenient time, such as at work or whilst travelling. As a result of this, in an effort to control my symptoms, I had been eating a very restricted and overall unhealthy diet with very limited fruit and vegetables, yet I still had flare ups.

During my first visit to Caroline, she put me at ease immediately, reassuring me that if I follow the diet plan my symptoms would vanish. I didn’t believe her, but went away and followed the eating plan as instructed anyway! I fully expected it to be a difficult road with many a flare up – I was eating food and vegetables I hadn’t eaten in years – but can honestly say I haven’t had an upset stomach since that day! I gradually grew in confidence and, although tricky sometimes, I stuck rigidly to the plan and accompanying recommended supplements. During further sessions, Caroline’s positivity, attentiveness and accuracy with identifying my problem foods amazed me. My eating plan evolved as my digestive health improved. I had my final visit of my initial block of sessions mid November 2018 and fully expected to have to continue with my treatment but my results were astounding. I was cured! It was an emotional day, I never thought anybody would ever tell me that I was ‘fixed’. Apart from a few things it is recommended I avoid, I can more or less eat a normal diet now. This is something I haven’t been able to do in years. The anxiety that surrounded my day to day life has gone and I feel like I have been given back control of my body. I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. She has quite literally changed my life!

Nicola P

Nicola P

My complaints were acid reflux causing weight loss, poor appetite and a number of others including anxiety, chest pain, burning mouth syndrome and fatigue.

I started seeing Caroline after my prescribed medication for acid reflux stopped working. I tried all the medication doctors could think of.  However nothing worked and in fact I got worse.  I became extremely anxious and worried and simply did not know where to turn.  My daughter found Caroline on the internet and made an appointment for me.  She changed my diet quite radically to start with but slowly other foods were introduced back in and I did notice a difference after the first few weeks.

Caroline deduced that I had a gluten intolerance and a high level of candida in my stomach. However, being 71 years old it would perhaps take a while for my liver to cleanse itself and the candida to reduce.  I stuck to the diet and 9 months later my acid reflux has gone completely and I no longer visit the GP for my health problems.  In fact, it’s not only the acid reflux, I feel a whole lot better generally in myself and I am not anxious at all !!   The candida has completely gone as well.

I don’t know what I would have done if not for Caroline. She has really helped me and I can honestly say that kinesiology really works.

Sandra D.


S Dawes

Prior to seeing Caroline I had been suffering with my stomach for over a year and consequently I was struggling with Anxiety issues because of it.

I was constantly tired, had low energy levels, I didn’t sleep well making me feel grumpy and unsociable.  I had burning in my tummy all of the time, bloating and bowel issues.  I had been backwards and forwards to the doctors and had some very invasive procedures, and lots of medications, none of which led to making me better.

A friend of mine recommended Caroline and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Caroline stripped my diet right back, which wasn’t easy to start with as there really wasn’t much I could eat.  However after only one week, I noticed a massive difference.  I was already sleeping better which improved my moods and my tummy was a lot more comfortable.

Gradually over my five sessions Caroline introduced more foods and supplements and my conditions continued to get better.  My anxiety levels are lower than they have been in a very long time.  I am healthier, slimmer and happier and would recommend Caroline to anyone!

Anna F.  December 2016

Anna F