Allergy and Food Intolerances

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Caroline Sproule


Testimonial           December 2018   Behaviour Problems (toddler)   If you have children with “behaviour problems”, I would recommend Caroline Sproule at the Bromsgrove Allergy & Nutrition Centre.   She has done absolute wonders for two of my grandchildren. One grand-daughter, in particular, would almost definitely have a label of ADHD by now, and quite possibly Tourette’s Syndrome. (Shouting out rude or inappropriate phrases at random). Every now and again she would go quite bonkers, laughing like a maniac, running about like a mad thing and eventually collapsing in tears. Turned out to be a milk allergy and now, on a totally dairy-free diet, she not only shows normal behaviour but a gifted-level IQ.   Wendy A  
Toddler Behaviour Issues

Testimonial                  December 2018   I first went to see Caroline three months ago, on the recommendation of my sister, with symptoms of bloating, tiredness and poor sleep patterns.   I was tested for numerous foods and deficiencies and subsequently followed a fairly restricted diet:  cutting out most grains, dairy products, pulses, sweeteners and some fruits.   Three months later I still need to avoid wheat/rye, cheese, pulses and some fruits but the bloating has disappeared, energy levels have risen and I am mostly sleeping a lot better and feel very well in myself.   Two added bonuses – I no longer feel stiff when getting up in the morning and I have lost over half a stone.   Thanks for your help in sorting out my diet and health !   Jane B  
Jane B

I went to see Caroline back in February 2017 with many many food intolerances which had gone from bad to worse !!I just didn’t know what I could eat anymore; everything seemed to have some sort of reaction.

My symptoms were anything from major bloated tummy to sore throat, flu type symptoms, migraine headaches, achy muscles and limbs, cracked fingertips, soreness behind my ears, floaters in my eyes and blurred vision.  I had itching around my hip bones and the condition of my hair would change giving me a dry itchy scalp.  I suffered terrible fatigue and I could go on !!

Caroline tested me and I couldn’t believe how many intolerances I had including  chemical allergies.Caroline diagnosed me with Candida Albicans which was registering a very high level.  This high level can make you very food intolerant, dehydration, dysbiosis – too much bad bacteria in tummy and not enough good, sluggish liver and suspected I had a leaky gut !!

I was absolutely horrified at being told this.  I had never ever realised so many things could be going wrong inside my tummy to be causing all these reactions.Caroline told me that it is all caused from a poor diet all my life which has contained far too much sugar and nowhere near enough vegetables and salads.

To start to put all this right or to get me back on track again, I had to drink nothing but water and I have never drank water in my life and hated it.  I had to detox for two weeks, eating nothing but turkey, tuna, vegetables and salads.  Basically I could have had other bits and pieces but I was intolerant to them so I just stuck to the above.

The first two weeks, I just got worse as the good bacteria I had started to put back in my tummy battled with the bad bacteria and caused me a lot of discomfort.  My toilet movements were practically zero !!  I was really struggling.

But now eleven months down the line, after being so dedicated to what I needed to do and take all the herbal medication that Caroline has prescribed, I have lost six stone and introducing lots of good bacteria into my diet again in moderation and gradually feeling like a new woman.

Caroline also realised that I put on false tan daily and dyed my hair frequently and this caused me to have a big build-up of chemicals in my body and my body got tired of fighting the chemicals and this caused me an awful lot of problems and food intolerances including sugar being a main issue.  I couldn’t tolerate any carbs at all.

So I went cold turkey on the tan which was hard for me to do and bought organic hair dyes containing no chemicals.  Eight weeks later the difference is unbelievable, I am now eating sugars and carbohydrates again and feeling like I’ve not felt in a good few years.  My energy levels have risen and the fatigue I was suffering with is 80% better now.

I really am feeling like a new woman and this is all down to this amazing lady and her expert advice and my dedication to following her advice every step of the way.

You have to believe in her from day one and act on her advice and the proof is in the pudding for me !!  Literally as I could never have eaten a pudding before !!

Caroline you are an amazing lady and worth your weight in gold.  I will continue to recommend you as I could never have done this without you.

Michelle Kenny.

Michelle K

Dear Caroline. I would like to thank you for all you have done for me. Before I saw you I was feeling very sick. I had sick coming up in my throat and then going back down again. Every time I ate food, I had stomach pains, was burping and was running to the toilet.
My mum took me to the doctors and I had a blood test which didn’t show anything. At this point, I was being sent home from school on a regular basis because I was feeling so sick.
I came and saw you and after you tested lots of food products on me, we changed my diet drastically and within 24 hours of seeing you, I was feeling so much better. I had to take lots of supplement but was feeling much better within weeks of changing my diet. Every time I came back to see you I was able to eat more food products and now I can have lots except for gluten.
I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. I hope you help other people the way you helped me and I will continue to eat the foods you have told me to eat as I feel so much better.
From Liam (age 12) June 2018.