Acid Reflux

Good NUTRITION will prevent 95% of all disease.

Caroline Sproule
I visited the Bromsgrove Allergy and Nutrition clinic as I had been back and forth to my doctors with what I thought was acid reflux symptoms which I had been suffering with for numerous years.  My symptoms had started to develop more and I was getting to the stage where I didn’t know what to eat as most foods seemed to give me some sort of reaction. At my first consultation Caroline suspected I had a yeast intolerance and chronic dehydration.  I was given a strict diet to follow limiting my intake of caffeine, and omitting certain foods and drinking much more filtered water.  I must admit I was very sceptical at first but as the weeks progressed I could see that the advice Caroline was giving me was improving my wellbeing. It has been a long journey and I don’t think I am at the end of it yet but I now know what I can and can’t eat.  My symptoms have improved enormously and I have more energy. I definitely think you are what you eat and that medication is not always the answer. JL   November 2019

My complaints were acid reflux causing weight loss, poor appetite and a number of others including anxiety, chest pain, burning mouth syndrome and fatigue. I started seeing Caroline after my prescribed medication for acid reflux stopped working. I tried all the medication doctors could think of.  However nothing worked and in fact I got worse.  I became extremely anxious and worried and simply did not know where to turn.  My daughter found Caroline on the internet and made an appointment for me.  She changed my diet quite radically to start with but slowly other foods were introduced back in and I did notice a difference after the first few weeks. Caroline deduced that I had a gluten intolerance and a high level of candida in my stomach. However, being 71 years old it would perhaps take a while for my liver to cleanse itself and the candida to reduce.  I stuck to the diet and 9 months later my acid reflux has gone completely and I no longer visit the GP for my health problems.  In fact, it’s not only the acid reflux, I feel a whole lot better generally in myself and I am not anxious at all !!   The candida has completely gone as well. I don’t know what I would have done if not for Caroline. She has really helped me and I can honestly say that kinesiology really works. Sandra D.  
S Dawes

I suffered with a lot of stomach acid, which accompanied tiredness and exhaustion. I thought all of these symptoms were associated with my job, as I am a director and Partner in a busy engineering company. I thought my symptoms were stress related and nothing to do with food that I was eating. My wife, who had watched me go to my GP for two years  persuaded me to try the Nutrition Programme, which she had attended herself. I was amazed at the results. A number of food intolerances were found but the main one was milk which I had thought helped neutralize stomach acid.How wrong I was. I carried out the first 4 week eating plan , sticking very rigidly to the do’s and don’ts on the list. When I returned for my follow up, i found that not only had my intolerances reduced, but also I had more energy, no tiredness and especially no acid in my stomach! My wife and I would both like to thank you for your support and advice on combating our food intolerances over the past three months and would recommend if anyone is suffering with the symptoms I have had that they take the time to find out about the Nutrition Programme at Bromsgrove Allergy and Nutrition Centre. Jeff  and Linda Charlton
J Charlton