Most clients that I see with skin rashes such as eczema and psoriasis will have many food intolerances or  a particular food allergy. In most cases once the underlying food allergy or intolerance is identified and after an initial detox, the client will experience a huge improvement in their skin problem.

Please view some of our before and after images below:








This client came to see us with a very itchy red angry rash which covered her entire body and face . We diagnosed a fungal eczema which had been caused by excess use of antibiotics for chest infections over a long period of time.


Before – 6 months old with severe eczema.
After – At one year old with clear skin on her first birthday!

The liver which acts as a large sieve is responsible for cleaning our blood system. If, however toxins overload it, including food, it is unable to filter the blood as well.

Long term allergies and intolerances eg gluten allergy or dairy intolerance (lactose or casein) can also place a heavy load on the liver , causing toxicity symptoms. Other liver toxins may include alcohol, sugar, fat (cheese and chocolate!), coffee in excess.

Skin Rashes

Before – Age 13, severe red rash under eyes.
After – One week later after changing her diet and drinking more water- the rash had almost cleared up.


Before – Laura suffered with acne from the age of fifteen.
After – Age 24 changed diet when a yeast intolerance was found. Her skin is now clear.







Before: This client had severe angry acne which was very painful.

After: Following a new diet for several months the improvement in the skin texture was remarkable and he did not experience any new break outs.Some areas of scarring were mildly visible.























































































Since changing my diet , my eczema has completely cleared up and I have more energy. thank you for giving me back my life”.  Sarah Shaw