Do you……?

  • Have difficulty losing weight?
  • Suffer with IBS symptoms?
  • Have eczema or skin problems?
  • Feel unwell after certain foods or drink?
  • Have nasal problems or a nasty cough or asthma?
  • Feel tired all the time?
  • Have problems with Fertility?
  • Suffer with headaches or migraines?

Then you may have an ALLERGY or FOOD INTOLERANCE.

At Bromsgrove Allergy Centre, we include allergy and intolerance testing in our consultations. It’s painless, quick and simple.

We use a method called Kinesiology. It is the use of muscle resistance and homeopathic testers. It is alternative but we have found it to be very effective and successful!

 ”After the testing, I was advised of all the foods which I was to avoid and those that I could have on a moderate basis.….Over the past three years I have not had one migraine or headache, which has made a tremendous difference to my life. “  Rosemary A

Eat Right, Be Fit For Life