Caroline Sproule started Bromsgrove Allergy and Nutrition Clinic in May 2000 after training in Nutrition and Allergy Therapy in Gloucestershire. Her interest in diet and its effect on the body started when she was living in the USA and was introduced to Naturopathy.

Naturopathy is basically a natural approach to illness, allowing the body to heal on its own by giving it the right foods and in some cases using natural diet supplements. Time spent teaching English in Japan in 1990, further increased her interest in food and its effect on health. Following a Japanese diet, Caroline found that her energy was much higher and her skin and hair in better condition. She also found her moods were more even! Several years after her return to the UK, Caroline decided to pursue this interest.

Following her Mothers death from Oesophagus cancer in 1996, following fifteen years or more of digestive problems, Caroline decided to find out more about nutrition and in particular, the digestion system. Since completing her studies, Caroline has spent the last 14 years helping clients of all ages from a wide geographical area, to regain their health. She specialises in food intolerances and food allergies and says that she strongly recommends that everyone should find out their own food intolerances to benefit from better health.

Her first patient was her second daughter who had severe eczema as a baby. Since then Caroline has gone on to treat clients from as far a field as the USA, Denmark, Spain and Ireland. She also spent time offering private consultations in Leeds. In addition, Caroline wrote  a monthly health column in the Worcestershire Living magazine, offering help and advice to its readers. She also offers one to one phone consultations and postal consultations for anyone who is unable to attend in person.