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What Our Clients Say

I have been having IBS problems for over 10 years.  It has made my life miserable not knowing what to eat in case I had a reaction. The Doctors, over the years, have just treated the symptoms and never suggested there may be a root cause.  As I have family history, they treated it as something I had to live with and dosed me with prescription pills.

It got to a climax as I was violently ill after an Indian takeaway so thus seeked out Caroline at Bromsgrove Allergy and Nutrition Centre.

As soon as I discussed my symptoms, she said I was gluten intolerant and my organs were struggling to function properly and to digest the simplest of foods.  She placed me on a special diet and health supplements which has made the world of difference.  I have been for a series of appointments which has transformed my life and has been worth every single penny.  People around me were quite sceptical but the results have answered themselves.  I look forward to eating and drinking now and my symptoms have all pretty much cleared.  It was scary at first as I had to make a whole lifestyle change but I am really glad I did it.

Sarah MDecember 2016

Prior to seeing Caroline I had been suffering with my stomach for over a year and consequently I was struggling with anxiety issues because of it.

I was constantly tired, had low energy levels, I didn’t sleep well making me feel grumpy and unsociable. I had burning in my tummy all of the time, bloating and bowel issues.

I had been backwards and forwards to the doctors and had some very invasive procedures, and lots of medications, none of which lead to making me better.

A friend of mine recommended Caroline & I couldn’t be more grateful.

Caroline stripped my diet right back, which wasn’t easy to start with as there really wasn’t much I could eat, however after only a week I noticed a massive difference.  I was already sleeping better which improved my moods & my tummy was a lot more comfortable.

Gradually over my 5 sessions Caroline introduced more foods and supplements & my conditions continued to get better.

My anxiety levels are lower than they have been in a very long time, I’m healthier, slimmer and happier & would recommend Caroline to anyone!

Anna F

Anna F

I started seeing Caroline after my prescribed medication for acid reflux stopped working. I tried all the medication doctors could think of however nothing worked and in fact I got worse. I became extremely anxious and worried and simply did not know where to turn. My daughter found Caroline on the internet and made an appointment for me. She changed my diet quite radically to start with but slowly other foods were introduced back in and I did notice a difference after the first few weeks.

Caroline deduced that I had a gluten intolerance and a high level of candida in my stomach, however being 71 years old it would perhaps take a while for my liver to cleanse itself and the candida to reduce. I stuck to the diet and 9 months later my acid reflux has gone completely and I no longer visit the GP for my health problems – in fact it’s not only the acid reflux I feel a whole lot better generally in myself and I’m not anxious at all! The candida has completely gone as well.

I don’t know what I would have done if not for Caroline – she has really helped me and I can honestly say kinesiology really works!

Sandra D  
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