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What Our Clients Say

I contacted Caroline when Callum was about 5 months old

She tested my son for many different foods and known allergens using kinesiology. It took many weeks, but gradually his body cleared itself of all the un-digested milk products in his system. His puffiness, eczema & red face all went away.

Yes, you do have to pay for Caroline’s knowledge, support, guidance and advice, but it is invaluable. She is a professional in her field. She doesn’t pacify you with what you want to hear, she tells it like it is and bases her advice on knowledge and experiences of others and herself. If I hadn’t sought out an alternative solution to his issues, Callum might have gotten sicker and sicker.

Michaela Douglas

Michaela D

Arthritis and Fatigue 

Dear Caroline

I cannot thank you enough for your excellent treatment and advice over the last 3 months.After years of suffering from a variety of post menopausal health issues including insomnia, unexplained muscle aches, bloating, brain fog and anxiety (all despite following what I thought to be a healthy diet and lifestyle) I am finally beginning to feel well and able to participate in life more fully.

Within two weeks of my first appointment my sleeping had considerably improved, my anxiety had lessened as had the majority of my chronic muscle pain.

Three months on my stomach feels comfortable for the first time in years, I have more energy and improved concentration levels.

Understanding that certain foods were adversely affecting my health and learning to change my diet accordingly has had a massive impact on my well-being, and I would not hesitate in recommending you to others in my position.

With kind regards and sincere thanks.



October 2017





Kate H

I would like to thank you for curing virtually all my skin problems. Before I first came to see you last Autumn I had two expensive appointments with a dermatologist at a well known private hospital in the Midlands. My skin, particularly on my back and scalp, had become extremely dry and flaky. The dermatologist diagnosed seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis but told me that there is no real cure. He prescribed moisturising cream and a specialist shampoo which had no effect and basically told me I would just have to get used to the condition.

My wife suggested that I had nothing to lose by consulting you. I must admit to being skeptical and did not really see how my diet, which is good and has been largely unchanged for the last half century, could be responsible for the relatively sudden deterioration in my skin.

My first session with you was a revelation. You probed my medical history which included problems with ENT as a child followed by really bad acne leading to several years on a broad spectrum antibiotic.  You explained these antibiotics had killed off much of my natural defence system against the proliferation of candida albicans in my gut and this had spread and was largely responsible for my skin conditions

You also diagnosed an adverse reaction to many of my favourite food including cows’ cheese, bananas, most foodstuffs containing yeast (including bread and to my horror beer, lager and wine !) and I started taking regular doses of various pro biotics, vitamins and liver health tablets

Over the five months that I have been seeing you my skin has improved dramatically and is now virtually back to normal

Thank you so much. Conventional medicine has much to learn. Had I listened to the “specialist” I fear I would now be in an even worse  condition than when I first took his (expensive and useless)  advice

Please keep up your great work

Nick M-J April 2017


Nick M J
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