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What Our Clients Say

For some twenty years I have suffered with stomach problems, severe cramps, extremely painful menstruation and chronic fatigue.  I have over the years sought medical advice from my general practitioner who could provide no explanation as to why this was happening and for a long time I just accepted the issues as ‘part of life’.

Approximately 12 months before attending the allergy centre these symptoms were becoming unmanageable and I was mentally and physically exhausted.   I did some research online and came across the allergy centre quite by accident, I was initially recitent but felt a lot of the described symptoms resonated with me.

I was given a complete change of diet, which initially consisted of very basic foods and excluded caffeine, gluten and dairy products.  Within weeks my sleep pattern improved, I no longer felt exhausted during the day and all my stomach problems disappeared virtually overnight.  Over the next few months different foods are then reintroduced and whilst still avoiding gluten and dairy, I can now eat most foods with no issues.

Whilst the method is somewhat unconventional, the results speak for themselves and have been way beyond my expectations,  I have so much more energy, my fatigue and other symptoms are now almost nonexistent. I can now much more easily recognise foods that aren’t appropriate and finally have a better understand as to why I was having the issues previously.

I would strongly recommend this course of treatment, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Rose D  August 2019

Rose D

Caroline was recommended to me by my brother, who Caroline had diagnosed with gluten intolerance.  I was experiencing symptoms of bloating and tiredness and I was diagnosed with a yeast allergy amongst other things such as malabsorption and chronic dehydration.  At first I had to cut out a number of food items and drink water, initially this seemed hard, but the results came quickly and I started to feel better within 2 weeks.

At each session I could eat more and more foods until there were only a few items that just did not suit my body, which is understandable once Caroline explains it to you.

As our lifestyles and living situations change, events can affect our bodies in remarkable ways.  Since my initial visit, I have seen Caroline twice more with new symptoms and concerns and she has set me back on track with my diet, each time leaving me feeling much improved after each session.

Caroline is easy to talk to and extremely supportive.  I cannot thank her enough for how she has helped me over the years.


Leigh  –  August 2019


I first went to see Caroline in January 2019 after experiencing stomach, skin and energy issues.
My food intolerances had gone from bad to worse, to the point I was becoming scared to eat, everything seemed to have a reaction.
After just 5 visits to Caroline’s clinic, with her knowledge and skill, I now know I am allergic to dairy and  intolerant to yeast, sugar and wheat.
Still a work in progress, as she feels there is more she can discover with time.
I will definitely return for further sessions once I have given the new eating regime some time and have further results to share with Caroline.
Thank you.
Jane B.  July 2019

Jane B
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